Sunday, March 16, 2014

PANDAS part 2

Part one 

Mid January 2014 I discovered a group for treating PANDAS with Essential OILS.  I read a few success stories and decided to start with the two oils that were talked about.  These oils are Capaiba Oil   and Ocotea Oil.
I went out and purchased Manuka honey and off I went.  To start, I gave my son 3 drops of Capaibo and 2 drops of Ocotea oil mixed with 1/2 teaspoon Manuka honey.  The first time I gave this to him all tics stopped for 4 hours.  I gave it to him twice a day until the tics were coming back sooner.  That took about 3 days...and I increased the drops to 5-6 drops of Capaibo and 3 Ocotea twice a day.  My sons tics and brain "fog" was definitely improving.   I added Kirkmans Bio film defense ( every day) along with Enhansa three times a week and Citrus pectin once a day in the evening ( to clean up the gut).  This came from information from a protocol from Dr Usman on Bio film.  Please note I did not do everything listed, just introduced a few key on Dr Usman's name for a full list.   Adding these elements only helped support my sons healing and within 4 weeks after starting with first the oils, and adding the three additional items, my son no longer has tics and is back to himself.  I stopped giving the oils orally and am now layering Oils on his feet every few days for continued healing and incorporating other oils!!   Thankfully, if strep does become an issue again and the cycle begins I'm fully armed with other oils that deal with Strep.

I share this because I have had a few friends contact me after hearing about my son, recalling their own child's illness and a sudden onset of OCD/Tics.  Essentially one day their child changed!  This is not just for children with Autism.  If anything I said resonates with you and you would like to talk to me more about Essential oils  I welcome you to email me at ... Every child is different but I know in the 6 months that I was dealing with a PANDAS flare, I was desperate for possibilities to help!  This may be one of those helps for you too.  I am not a doctor and suggest that you always involve a doctor when treating PANDAS... but Parent to Parent I am thrilled to be able to find something that helped my son and wanted to share my success with using the above anti-inflammatory oils along with treating biofilm.  I did this under the supervision of my sons pediatrician ...  which she could offer me little help other then antiobiotic and medication.  She wrote down everything I did...  :)  Please comment below or email me if you would like me to add you to the group on facebook to find out more!!

Update-  I have had a few requests on how to get these oils...I dont sell them...but you can buy them two ways ( retail)...or become a distributor ( wholesale saving almost 25 percent)... you can just click on this link to buy them yourself ...  Hope that helps!


  1. WOW! Great to hear this is helping your son! Would love to know more! Will e-mail you. Thanks! Christina Schmidt

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  4. started this today.. I'll post my results!