Monday, April 1, 2013

Im Not broken, stop trying to fix me

*GPR is one of the key cornerstones of RDI - it is about the parent being the 'guide' to their child, as has been studied in neurotypical child development.*  GPR stands for Guided participation relationship- Read more about what this actually means here

 Im posting from a blog that was published today from a conversation on a facebook group that we all were involved in.  If you are interested in learning more about Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)  please join the RDI yahoo group at   If you also would like to join the facebook page please indicate to add you to facebook when joining the yahoo group.

So lets get started! Thanks Cecily for sharing your journey with us!

There's a fair amount of conversation out there in the world about how people with ASD (of various types) don't need 'fixing', that they're just differently wired, and that people just need to focus on their strengths, find what they're good at and enjoy the journey.......

She said: "I was very into the neurodiversity movement for a while and have always supported my son to be himself. BUT what I see with RDI and other relationship based therapies is that it's NOT about changing my son. It's about helping him be MORE of him.
I know he will always be who he is. He might become a more flexible version of himself. But he's going to keep his sweet nature and his funny quirky humor. He doesn't like being rigid either! He's miserable when he gets stuck on something. I can see it in his body and face. When I started pushing him gently toward more flexibility he started to relax. His creativity blossomed. '

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  1. I like how Cecily explains this. Since we have adopted our GPR lifestyle, Pamela has grown more comfortable in her own skin (less anxiety, better able to adapt). She can enjoy life more and express who she is more clearly.