Friday, February 26, 2010

intersubjectivity deficits within ASD

 The lack of development within the Intersubjective relationship for a child with ASD is one of the most documented deficits within the research of Autism. Developmental psychologists like Alan Sroufe, Alan Fogel, Barbara Rogoff, Peter Hobson, and Daniel Siegel, all have written books concerning this topic, along with joint attention, theory of mind, and Guided Participation. The research from these psychologists was the starting point when creating RDI. Peter Hobson, the author of "the Cradle of thought" is a Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at University College London and is currently involved in a study for RDI methods for the association between social and cognitive development across these areas in children with autism receiving treatment.
The following two links show research regarding the IR.

The next research paper describes the deficits of children with ASD and is exactly the focus of the Relationship Development Intervention program.

So along with theory I wanted to give you a few links from RDI moms incorporating this information into the lives of their children on the spectrum and families. Their discoveries this week as we continue this process of truly understanding the intersubjective relationship ( and how to remediate this deficit) is truly inspiring to me in addition to my own children and their progress!

Tammy   tells us how a trip to the post office was very enlightening as she was able to people watch different levels of intersubjectivity in action.

Jennifer  tells how she used some RDI strategies within the IR helped calm her daughter

JB lets us see the cutest little boy in action demonstrating some typical development within the IR. I also wanted to point out in this blog, Mom reminded us that Intersubjectivity is Not the same as a child simply looking, or even referencing.

Penny  talks about when she first realized the concept of Theory of mind.

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